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Reality Check Workshop: 
City Climate Resilience: Urban Adaptation for Better Quality of Life in Greater Bangkok

July 8, 2016 at 11:00 - 13:00 (2 hours session) 

Although Thai communities are accustomed to the annual “flood season”, in 2011, the country experienced an unusual and extreme flood event, affecting more than 13 million and claiming the lives of more than 800 people. Sixty-five of Thailand's seventy seven provinces were declared flood disaster zones, including Bangkok, Pak Kret, a city in Nonthaburi Province (bordering Bangkok), as well as several other major cities in central Thailand. This severe flood crisis reinforced the opinions of local communities and their leaders to invest individually and collectively, financially and emotionally in climate change adaptation and resilience. 

This Reality Check Workshop shared the experiences and lessons learned from the 2011 flood management in Thailand by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), Pak Kret municipality and the Royal Irrigation Department. In addition, current efforts to mitigate drought effects in the area were also shared by the Royal Irrigation Department.

The conversation focused on water management issues before, during, and after the 2011 extreme flood event in Thailand, as well as the current planning and policy measures carried out to cope with the 2015-2016 drought. Main findings and policy recommendations from the IDRC-TDRI research project entitled “Reforming Water Management Institutions in Chao Phraya river basin” were presented. The discussion also highlighted what BMA, the Pak Kret municipality, and the Royal Irrigation Department are currently planning to enhance urban resilience in these areas. 

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