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"Cities in Focus" Sessions at Resilient Cities 2016

Each year, Resilient Cities features at least one localized case study with lessons learned of global relevance for developing effective climate change adaptation and urban resilience strategies. “Cities in Focus” sessions show how different cities approach similar aspects of adaptation and overcome common challenges. Participants in these special sessions and interactive workshops have the opportunity to directly engage with cities and project stakeholders, learn, interact and give critical feedback to peer cities and experts. 

For Resilient Cities 2016, special sessions included the “Adaptation on the Ground” Reality Check Workshops, a signature congress element which focused on the reality of climate change adaptation (usually) for a particular city, metropolitan region or town. The purpose of this niche, the two-hour-session was twofold:

  • To provide the international urban development and adaptation community in the audience with the opportunity to learn from the challenges of and responses to climate change of a particular urban space; and
  • To provide the local government and other main actors of the particular city with the opportunity to receive an assessment and critical feedback on their urban resilience and adaptation work from peer cities and experts.

In 2016, three special “Cities in Focus” sessions were organized to allow a close look into specific, but transferable climate change adaptation and urban resilience strategies in: