Resilient Cities - Bonn 2013 - Banner
Resilient Cities - Bonn 2013 - Banner

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Supporting partners

Resilient Cities 2016 was supported by:

IDRC funds research in developing countries to create lasting change on a large scale. To make knowledge a tool for addressing pressing challenges, IDRC:

  • provides developing-country researchers financial resources, advice, and training to help them find solutions to local problems.
  • encourages knowledge sharing with policymakers, researchers, and communities around the world.
  • fosters new talent by offering fellowships and awards.
  • strives to get new knowledge into the hands of those who can use it.

In doing so, IDRC contributes to Canada’s foreign policy, complementing the work of Global Affairs Canada, and other government departments and agencies. More information can be found here.

Global Infrastructure Basel (GIB) Foundation is a Swiss foundation based in Basel working to promote sustainable and resilient infrastructure through sustainable infrastructure design and financing on a global scale. Active since 2008, GIB works with multiple stakeholders ranging from city representatives to project developers and infrastructure financiers, with a focus on emerging and developing countries. 

The GIB Summit, launched in 2011, continues this year through the GIB Summit Series 2016 events, with the generous support of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment. These events will take place in Beijing, China in collaboration with Dagong (April), in San José, Costa Rica with the World Resources Forum (May), and in Bonn, Germany in partnership with ICLEI (at Resilient Cities 2016, 6-8 July). More information on GIB tools, services, and activities can be found here

The Foundation for International Dialogue of the Savings Bank in Bonn promotes international exchange and cooperation in the UN City of Bonn. The objectives of the Foundation include promoting: international understanding, development cooperation, European integration and science and research in the fields of international politics and history. The Foundation pursues its goals by fostering the meeting of people and cultures. It therefore supports, in Bonn and the region, events and conferences with international participation.

In addition, the Foundation supports the activities of institutions and associations working for international understanding and dialogue between cultures.

Cities Alliance is the global partnership for poverty reduction and the promotion of the role of cities in sustainable development. Cities Alliance has a unique membership, comprising associations of local government; national governments; multilateral organizations; international NGOs; private sector; foundations and knowledge institutions. Current work program priorities include equitable city economic growth; gender equality and resilience. The Cities Alliance is at the forefront of promoting new thinking on a range of policy gaps, including the important role of secondary cities; the informal city and promoting local and national partnerships. 

Cities Alliance is pleased to make a financial contribution as a Supporting Partner for the Forum and the lead partner for the “Inclusive and Resilient Urban Development” theme.

The Inclusive and Resilient Urban Development Forum will focus on how cities can work with the urban poor, including those living in informal settlements and working in the informal sector, to increase citywide resilience. Questions of secure housing, access to basic services, and inclusive governance will be considered.  The inclusive and resilient theme will also link to discussions on how to finance urban resilience – from the bottom up and from the top down – and how to advance local progress on the Sustainable Development Goals.

More information on Cities Alliance can be found here.