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Resilient Cities - Bonn 2013 - Banner

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Updated Program

26 May 2016 

Check our program updates including the day-by-day program now available with additional information on the Inclusive and Resilient Urban Development forum organized with Cities Alliance. 

Also do not miss out on our blog posts, the latest one being from Omar Siddique from Cities Alliance on Resilience in Informal Settlements. 

Open European Day: Updated Program available

23 May 2016

The Open European Day program is now available. Topics for this year’s edition will include climate services, nature-based solutions, mainstreaming adaptation and financing adaptation. 

Confirmed cities contributing to the event include megacities such as London and Paris, big and middle-sized cities such as Madrid, Thessaloniki, Edinburgh, Newcastle upon Tyne and Bologna.

The OED is supported by key EU projects on climate resilience such as RESIN and PLACARD and by European institution such as the European Investment Bank, DG CLIMA and DG Research. These institutions, together with other adaptation key players will share latest information on climate support opportunities for cities and be approachable by all participants for information exchange during the Marketplace.  

To register to the Open European Day please fill out the pre-registration form. Registration is subject to confirmation and early registration is recommended as spaces are limited.

Mayor of Bonn invites to Resilient Cities 2016

22 April 2016

In this Welcome Address by the City of Bonn to Resilient Cities 2016, Mayor Ashok Sridharan says: 

“The Sustainable Development Goals challenge cities in all their aspects […] Be part of the dialogue and help us shape a sustainable and resilient urban future.”

Check out our media

23 March 2016

Read our blog for new stories on resilience and sustainability, for instance, our new post on what urban resilience actually means.

Also interesting: our guest article with our media partner Crisis Response featuring resilience.